Ana a Chiyembekezo

In English, Ana a Chiyembekezo means Children of Hope – a fitting title for this talented group of orphans and vulnerable children from Malawi, Africa. Recorded live Malawi during the winter of 2007, the children performed a live concert for their families and neighbors, singing traditional songs learned in their villages and churches. Ana a Chiyembekezo  is an a capella CD that captures both the joy and the struggle to survive in their beautiful, but impoverished land.

Except for There is a Light, all songs are performed in their native Chichewa language. 100% of the proceeds from Ana a Chiyemekezo will directly aid impoverished children in various nations through our Chifundo’s Basket program. 1. Tchimo (entrance song) 2. Yehova 3. Palibe Ofananye 4. Timuimbiye 5. Anali yekha 6. Lengo Moya 7. Nthawi Ndioyatha 8. Chombo Ndi Yesu 9. Ndi Funa 10. Hosanna 11. Yesu Wanga 12. There is a Light 13. Oh Ya Ya 14. Tchimo ( exit song)


Price: $5.00

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