Face To Face

In an over-processed musical world, sometimes all you want to hear is a simple song. Face to Face is just that – a bare blend of solo human voice and grand piano that creates an uncomplicated environment for simple devotion. Simply produced yet musically complex, this album takes you on a pilgrimage of spiritual passion, inviting you to come face to face with your own spiritual thirst, and quench it at the source.

To capture the reality and sound of live performance we moved out of the studio and into a living room where we recorded voice and grand piano simultaneously. In doing so, we exchanged processed “perfection” for raw passion and the joyous, unrehearsed moments that “just happen” when two innovative, interactive musicians perform live together. Nothing was re-recorded in the studio in post-production. It is what it is - a pilgrimage of spiritual passion that invites you to come face to face with your own spiritual thirst and quench it at the Source.


1. Enough for Me
2. The One
3. The More I Know You
4. My Everything
5. Alabaster Jar
6. In Heaven’s Eyes
7. Come to the Father
8. The Lord’s Prayer


Price: $5.00

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