Rivers Of Living Water

Rivers of Living Water CD is SOLD OUT.  Please visit iTunes to purchase a digital CD of this album.

Rivers of Living Water features acoustic guitar and the rich instrumentation that made our first album, Come to the Waters, so popular worldwide. This refreshing instrumental album includes natural sounds recorded at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, USA, providing an atmosphere of deep refreshment and true relaxation – a gift much-needed, but seldom enjoyed in these demanding times.

Adding acoustic guitar to the instruments featured on Come to the Waters – french horn, cello, violin, oboe, percussion and the sounds of nature – Rivers of Living Waters takes the listener on the same inward journey to the God who waits. So, relax. Let your roots sink down deep into the unfailing love of God, drawing up Living Waters to refresh your world-weary soul. Come to the river.


1. recollect
2. refresh
3. receive
4. recover
5. recreate
6. rediscover
7. relinquish
8. repose
9. release
10. reprise


Price: $15.00

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