Still Waters

The human spirit craves a place of retreat. A place to slow down and breathe deeply. A place to think clearly - and listen closely.  Our instrumental album, Still Waters creates such an environment with beautiful melodies and haunting arrangements that feature French horn, alto flute, cello, English horn, oboe,  and keyboards.

Our newest release, Still Waters, carves out such a place, creating an environment for calm reflection, drawing the listener inward to the place of deep stillness and intimate prayer. Like Come to the Waters and Rivers of Living Water, Still Waters is an instrumental CD – one that adds the haunting beauty of alto flutes to other familiar Ancient Path instruments, Whether you use it as an aid to prayer and meditation, or simply play it in the background while you work in your home or office, Still Waters will create a retreat for the spirit and refreshment for the soul. 1 Selah 2 Search 3 Solitude 4 Silence 5 Surrender 6 Stillness


Price: $5.00

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