Malawi Snapshot 2018

What’s happening at Ancient Path Malawi these days?

The program that started in 2009 with only 20 children now sees 400+ children and adults come in and out of its gates every week in Kaliyeka Township to participate in various programs…


Ancient Path Academy: our pre-school and primary school that currently goes to grade four. With an excellent teaching staff and textbooks available for every child, Ancient Path Academy has a reputation for excellence. As our children grow, we hope to continue to add a grade each year.

High School Work Scholarship Program: currently we have 21 students on scholarship in grades 9-12 who attend either a private Christian academy or public school. Each student receives a uniform, backpack, school supplies, and, on occasion, funds for field trips. We also send them to school each day with something in their stomach through our new Egg-a-Day Program. In return, the students participate fully in Ancient Path life and programs and give of their time and talents in various ways.

Tutoring and English Instruction: since there are no textbooks available for children in Malawi schools, we have created a textbook library with multiple copies of each subject from grades 5-12. Several times a week students come to learn English and receive help in their classroom studies.

Ancient Path Kids: originally called Chifundo’s Basket, Ancient Path Kids is a twice-weekly care and training program for 200 children, ages 3-14. They receive academic training, spiritual education and the basic needs of life such as food, school supplies and medical care when needed. Volunteers provide nutritious sandwiches every Wednesday and rise early to cook a hot meal over an open fire every Saturday – for all 200 plus children.  At the end of each year, when food becomes scarce, Ancient Path provides 50 kg bags of maize for each household involved in our programs.

Adult Literacy: 84 adult students (primarily women) attend classes at Ancient Path five days a week. Taught by excellent instructors, the students are at various levels but they all work hard to attain their goal. This year, 25 women are registered to take what is the equivalent of a GED exam to receive their diploma.

Malawi School Renovation Project: ongoing building and classroom renovation projects at Kawale Primary School help children learn in beautiful spaces instead of crumbling classrooms or no classroom at all.

Vocational Training: twice weekly, two sewing machines are brought out into the front yard pavilion. Though tailoring is traditionally a male occupation in Malawi, most of our students are women hoping to find a way to support their children through their sewing.


Discipleship: young people in their late teens and early twenties come to Ancient Path three days weekly for worship, teaching and prayer. Relationships are central and community life happens in and outside of these meetings. Many of them also help tutor younger children and assist in diverse ways at Ancient Path. 

Community Gathering: open to anyone and everyone, every Friday afternoon adults and children stream in the gate for a time of worship, teaching and prayer, finding strength together at the end of a long week.


The Arts Program: kids ages 12-19 meets three times weekly for performing arts training and spiritual development. The creativity and discipline that they learn here spill over into every area of their lives. There are currently 45 kids in this program who come together to dance, sing, act, create and drum – with excellence. Chiombankhanga, their outstanding traditional drum and dance group, loves to perform in costume for anyone who will watch. The Story of Love, which tells the story of the gospel through dance, music, movement and storytelling, is a signature piece for this group. They have performed it in Chichewa, English and Swahili – in schools, churches, villages and at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, where they also returned to help to train others.

Dzaleka Refugee CampDzaleka Arts Ensemble: 45 minutes away from Kaliyeka Township, Ancient Path has started an arts training program for young people living in Dzaleka Refugee Camp. They meet every Wednesday and Thursday for rehearsals, discipleship and community. Each Thursday at rehearsal’s end, they share a hot, nutritious meal together. Recently many of them also began to gather on Saturday mornings to learn English. After a year of training and rehearsals, The Story of Love has also become a signature piece for this talented 32-member ensemble. They have performed it numerous times, in and out of the refugee camp, in Swahili and Chichewa – and soon, they will be singing in English. But whatever language these talented performers use, once you have heard this group sing, you will never forget it.


This brief snapshot barely scratches the surface of what happens on a daily basis at Ancient Path Malawi. Nor does it do justice to the countless hours of work put in by our numerous dedicated team members on the ground in Kaliyeka Township and Dzaleka Camp.  We thank God for each one of you!

Of course, none of this happens without the faithful prayers and generous giving from all of you who believe in and support the work of Ancient Path. We thank God for you – and thank you for partnering with us!


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