The Arts

Through the years, Ancient Path artists have used the arts to inspire and educate, performing in refugee camps and orphanages, South African theaters and European Cathedrals and on the streets and stages here in the USA. They have trained orphan and women’s choirs in Africa – recording them live in concert and creating CDs at home in the Ancient Path studio.

For years, Ancient Path volunteers have communicated the love and beauty of the Creator through various mediums and venues, for example:

Cries of the City – an original stage musical performed in Pietermartizburg, South Africa. A blended South African/American team of 100 cast and crew worked together for nearly a year to stage multiple performances of this 2-hour production at the Winston Churchill Theater.

The Story of Love, a presentation that uses, music, dance, and drama to tell the story of God’s unfailing love for all people, has been staged in African orphanages and villages, European cathedrals, multiple stages and the inner city streets of the USA.

Visions of Silence, a gallery show highlighting the issue of religious persecution throughout the world where artists from all over the country have displayed their work.

Healing the Wounded Heart – a visual presentation about the pain, abuse and disappointment that all human beings may suffer, no matter their culture or circumstance. This material has been shared in various nations and different settings.

Ancient Path also presents local arts events and creates and produces beautiful CDs that are enjoyed throughout the world. Our local events benefit the work of Ancient Path and a portion of all CD proceeds go directly to aid the children.

For more information on how to get involved or to purchase Ancient Path CDs, Contact Us.